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Rainforest and Sweeeeet Potato Party! November 27 – December 2

Firstly, a big shout out to our dear Birthday Girls and Boys (including a Lady)! Happy 6th Birthday!

The highlight this week was the Sweet Potato Party! Rainforest wrapped each potato in newspaper, dipped in water then wrapped again in aluminium foil. It was fun! The water is cold. I did this at home too. I know how to do it. I can show you! Good teamwork, Rainforest.

We had a proper campfire. Thank you, dear Parents for the firewood and setting up the campfire. We had a roasting good time! Rainforest had a good discussion about sweet potatoes, harvest and fire. We examined the raw tubers and roots growing out. “This is how they drink water,” someone said. Yes, roots take in water so the sweet potatoes can grow. Savanna harvested them, thank you.

Can we eat these sweet potatoes now? No, they are too hard. They are not cooked. Rainforest said. How are we going to do cook sweet potato? In the oven. Yes, and we can roast, grill them over a campfire. Rainforest learned that firewood burns and keep the heat so the sweet potatoes can be cooked. Good inquirers, Rainforest. They experienced first-hand too the heat of the campfire when we were in the schoolyard. The sweet potato is hot. It is sweet and soft! I have eaten this before in my grandpa house! If it’s hard you can’t eat it. Your tummy will be ouchy painful. Good advice, Rainforest. We had a chomping good time!

We have been preparing for our Christmas Show – Music practice and Wizards of Oz play. We made play props too and Christmas decorations for the school. A busy and happy week! Till next week, have a fabulous weekend!