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Rainforest and 3Rs Reduce: January 15-19

The week started with Rainforest discovering our environment as we walked to the park. We saw a signboard reminding us not to throw litter into the river. On a vending machine, we noticed the recycling sign – please recycle cans after drinking. The 3Rs are truly relevant and present in our environment. We even spotted a very creative way to reuse materials. Someone made a windmill out of a plastic bottle!

We delved into our first R of the 3Rs – REDUCE! Use less, use enough! Rainforest said: Do not waste water. Turn off the tap. Switch off the lights when you leave the room. We discussed the use of tissue paper and toilet paper too. Use what you need! We read a book “Using Less Energy” from our Reading A to Z (RAZ) books collection. At home, we can use less energy when we “hang the laundry up to dry” and “wash dishes by hand”. Then , someone asked “what is energy? How do we get electricity?” Fantastic questions which steered the class into a deeper inquiry.

We learned that coal, gas and oil are limited resources on earth. These fossil fuels are burned to get heat energy, and this is converted by turbine generators into electricity. We recorded our facts by drawing and writing them on paper. We also noted that burning these fossil fuels cause smoke and pollute the air – reasons why we need to reduce, use less energy!

Armed with knowledge, it is time to take action! We made posters to remind everyone on campus, not just Rainforest, how we REDUCE, use less energy, do not waste. We pasted posters in the toilet areas, other classrooms, at the main entrance and even in the office! Let’s walk the talk in school and at home. We had great fun at the gym too. Till next week, have a warm and brilliant weekend!