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Rainforest and 3D Masterpieces: February

Rainforest has been working on their 3D masterpieces. They are reusing materials like tissue boxes, plastic bottles and various other materials to make their work of art. Thank you Parents for bringing in ‘treasures’ for their wonderful creations!

Rainforest: I want to use red paint for my train. This does not stick. Hey the tape is not strong enough! Oh no, I have paint on me! How do I make a window? What colours do I mix to get grey paint? Truly the process is so much more important than the final product. The inquiry that goes on as each student plan, execute and present will take them through a journey of problem-solving and self-discovery.

A Red Oni visited ISN last week and our brave Rainforest battled the monstrous demons with their screams and ‘roasted beans’. Oni wa Soto, Fuku wa Uchi!

Our SynEco trip was fruitful with so much to see and learn. There were many Mottainai boxes, loads of cardboard boxes, newspapers and electrical appliances. Rainforest: Wow what is this big cube? Newspapers! Mountains of cardboard boxes, newspapers and magazines were being packed into 1 ton cubes for recycling. Paper can be recycled many times. Machineries packed the papers and trucks such as forklift, clamper lifts, bucket lift transported them. Rainforest students were allowed to sit in the trucks. What a treat!

They saw ‘magic hands’ too – something that they wanted to find out at SynEco. Staff dismantle electrical appliances to separate the different materials for recycling.

Rainforest gave a new name for the snowy landscape in our schoolyard – SNOWyard! Glorious white snow means fun, fun, fun! Of course for the adults, heavy snow this week meant transport hassles and lots of backbreaking shovelling. Well, that did not stop the children having a screaming good time! Till next week, stay warm and to Japan, Happy Foundation Day!