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ONE FINE SNOWY DAY- Aurora Feb. 5th-9th

Outdoor play looks much different in the winter. As playground equipment is either frozen or covered with snow, children will need to use their imaginations to find different ways to play outside.
Playing with snow is a great way for our little ones to exercise their creativity. We had a snowball fight and made big and small snowmen. Everybody had so much fun!

In our UOI lesson, we had our Math and discussed “long and short” and “fast and slow”. To begin, we asked our young ones for their ideas about “fast and slow”. We asked them to demonstrate in class what it means when we say fast and slow. Some of them demonstrated it through running and walking, while some demonstrated it through swimming. After that, we showed them the real size of transportation using a rope. Then we asked them which they think is longer or shorter and faster or slower. Other students said a car is faster than a bicycle because a car has an engine and a bicycle uses pedals; a train is faster than a police car because a train is long and it can go anywhere.

We were surprised at how knowledgeable our youngsters were in our lesson. They shared a lot of information in class that we didn’t expect they could think of. Well done, Aurora!

Have an awesome long weekend everyone!