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Rainforest and Graduation Countdown: March 11-15

Our little momento for the school has taken shape. The poster looks fantastic! I like drawing the star. The rainbow is so bright. I love it! I want to draw a rocket. Rainforest drew a car, the earth, an airplane, flowers, a hamburger, pizza, stars and hearts too! This week was the last for Swim, Music, Tennis and Gym lessons. Thank you cards were made for the coaches “Thank you for teaching us. We love you!”

We had a fire drill. Rainforest followed the instructions for evacuation. They were calm during the evacuation and remembered to cover their mouths when they heard “fire” being called out. A debriefing was carried out.

Rainforest had combined rehearsals with Milky Way for the graduation ceremony. They practised when and how to bow, to receive the certificates, and to sing with big voices. What a busy week! One more week of preschool to go. Till next week, take care!