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Family – Savanna 4/10 – 4/14

Every family is unique! – This is the central idea of our first Unit of Inquiry. We will explore different types of families, and how unique each type is. Line of inquiry 1 will focus more on the structure of the family, like how many members are there in the family and who composes it. While Line of Inquiry 2 will focus on the roles and responsibilities of each member. This unit will help our students to be more open-minded, be respectful of the differences of individuals, and learn how to think outside the box and accept things that are not conventional; This unit will help us to be more global-minded citizens.

For our Prior knowledge, we gave the students pieces of puzzles and asked them to solve them. They were so excited and solved the puzzle in no time. We then asked the question: What do you see in the picture? Who are in the picture? One of them answered: I see two mommies but no dad. Then the rest followed and shared what they see in the picture. They could not say the keyword Family tho but that’s where the excitement of this exploration begins; Not being able to say the word that the teachers were looking for means that there is a lot of potential for doing deep research, questions, and activities… fun!

We have started reviewing the sound of each letter this week. The students were so good at sounding the letters and matching them with the beginning sound of a word. We will dig into this topic more and once we are all set and stable will move forward to reading CVC words!

The walk to the park this week was arduous for the kids; we walked for 30mins one way going to the park and crossing roads to reach our destination. But despite this, we still had fun gazing at the scenery on our way and even chanted: bye, bye mommy duck, bye bye daddy ducks.. etc. as we see animals floating on the river!

Next week will be another fun and exciting week for us. We all can’t wait to dive into the pool and enjoy our swimming lesson.

Have a lovely weekend, Savanna Family!