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Rainforest Explores April 10th to 14th

We begin our exploration into our brand new theme, central idea and units. Our broad theme is ‘Who We Are’ and the central idea is ‘Making responsible choices helps us to be healthy’. We make decisions every minute and every day of our lives. Should I eat this? Should I exercise? What if I am sad every single day? Will that be healthy for me? Our Big Question for this Unit of Inquiry (UOI) – ‘what does it mean to be healthy?’ Hear from our rainforest students as we dig into our prior knowledge. We will reinforce some ideas, think about misconceptions and thrive to practise a healthy lifestyle in the months to come.

‘I eat healthy food. I eat chocolate everyday. My friend eats apples and strawberry. Too much chocolate and pizza… tummyache! I am exercising. I am playing. Messy house with flies and trash.

From the top of our heads, we shared what we think healthy and unhealthy mean. We referred to books too and picked toys that we think were healthy and unhealthy. We drew our thoughts and wonderings.

We will begin work on our phonics skills for silent ‘e’ words starting with ‘a-e’ as in cake, ape, snake, gate. We made a Magic ‘E’ wand – the wand makes ‘letter E disappear, and the vowel say its name’. We had a video story A-E Fun Phonics that made us laughed. Please see the youtube link.

We had music lesson with Ms Nishimura on the pianica. The class first learned to sing the song called ‘Koinobori’ and ‘Harunoogawa’. They also attempted playing the notes to ‘Kakko’ on their pianicas. Tennis lesson was a first for all them. The coach eased them into the basics by first tossing and catching the ball. Students were instructed how to hold the racquet – with the handle upright like a guitar. We had fun! We had more outdoor fun in the schoolyard and park too.

Till next week, take care and have a great weekend!