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First Project: Family Book – Savanna 4/24-4/28

Another week has passed and as we get more acquainted with each other and our new environment, our inquiry about Family Structure goes much deeper.

Through the materials we have used for our research: songs, arts and crafts, storybooks, and games, our students have now a solid and clear understanding of the family structure of different types of families. They are now more open-minded, respecting and accepting each family’s uniqueness. To go further in our Inquiry, we have launched and started working on our first project: The Family Book. Each student brought pictures of their family members, both group and individual. They will compile these pictures according to the category and write something about them. This project will help our students get to know not just the structure of their family but also will boost their initiative to know the likes and dislikes of their family members thus will solidify their relationship with them.

For our Writing last week, we inquired about the 3 types of letters: Small letters, fall/hanging letters, and tall letters. We all can’t wait to start practicing letters on paper and be expert writers! To achieve this goal more effectively, we started to practice having a correct pencil grip. We learned that to hold a pencil correctly, the “Father-finger” (thumb) and the “mother-finger” (index) should pinch and hold the pencil while the “brother-finger” (knuckle) supports them and the “baby and sister-finger” (little and ring finger) are tucked in. We will practice this often until everyone gets it perfectly!

For Phonics, we looked into Vowel Family this week. Before diving into reading CVC words next month, we made sure to get to know our Alphabet Family! We looked into the 5 special letters of the alphabet, sounded them, and searched for words that have their sound. The whole class was in awe as they discover another family. Also, we made a vowel shield and decorated them using our crayons, so just in case we forget what vowel letters are, we will have a reference to remind us!

In preparation for Children’s Day, we all made our precious Koinobori! We were all shocked that Koinobori has his own family, too! Magoi is the dad and Higoi are the kids! Super fun!

See you all in the next blog!

Extra: We had an earthquake drill this week. Everybody did a good job reviewing and practicing the things needed to do when an earthquake occurs.