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Unique is special! – Savanna 6/19-23

“Every family is unique and special”

We have proven this statement is correct during our inquiry about family. Our last project for the unit helped us conclude this hypothesis. We made a 3D community with different houses and different families. Each student presented their family members and their roles before placing the house on the community map. We saw that every family is unique and not all are the same.

Last Monday we were graced with the presence of 2 of the coaches of the famous soccer player in Matsumoto, The Yamaga team! They shared with us how to kick the ball like a pro and aim a goal and make a point! We all had fun and we surely will not forget our bonding with them.

We all love to laugh, and that is why we make sure that our teeth are clean and white. To do this, we reviewed what food is good and bad for our teeth. As we were reviewing we found that albeit candies are sweet, they are not really bad for our teeth because eating candies help us to exercise our tongue and thus will give us a healthy mouth including our teeth, that when chewing veggies, it’s better to eat a little big cut of vegetable compared to small ones, all of these are okay to do but of course with control, to only have moderate intake and always brush our teeth 2to3 times a day.

The class received nice gifts! They are tadpoles and beetle larvae. Everyone enjoys observing the little tadpoles as they eat bread and gradually change their bodies.
Also, the cucumbers in the Savannah Garden have grown and we were able to harvest our first crop of cucumbers! Today at lunch time, everyone shared some of the cucumbers. Everyone ate them in no time at all.

It is really fun to learn and discover new things, being knowledgeable not only makes us unique but also special!

Have a lovely weekend and see you in the next blog!