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Will it sink or float? Milky Way 6/19-6/23

Hello everyone!


Next week if it is not rainy, the school outdoor pool will be set up and students will be able to play in the water instead of going to the park. Everybody was very excited for this waterplay activity. To excite them more, we created a toy out of recyclable materials available in our Creative Area. We have various kinds of materials made of paper and plastic. But which materials can be used in the water? Which material will absorb water and will sink? Which material will float in the water?


To answer these questions, we made an experiment to test which materials are best to use in the water. Each of them chose a material and put it in the water and saw the result after a few seconds/minutes. They even tested what kind of markers, crayons, and tapes are best to use in the water. According to this experiment, plastic materials and milk cartons are the best to use because they float in the water and don’t absorb water. When you draw or write in plastics using permanent markers and crayons, they won’t be erased and ok to use in the water. Vinyl tapes are the best to use in the water too. After that, they started to use their imagination and creativity in making a toy for waterplay. 


We started reading another series of digraph RAZ book which focuses on digraph /ch/. We began reading the first half of the book by identifying the digraph /ch/ words and saying the sound of each letter and putting them together to be able to read the words. We also did a writing activity which we can use in the Feeding the Bear activity. We asked the students to read one word from the board, write it on the paper, and feed it to the bear. 

ReadingやPhonicsレッスンでは、/ch/のつく単語がたくさん出てくるRAZbookを読み始めました。本の前半では、/ch/の発音を確認し、それぞれの文字の音を言いながら、単語を読む練習から始めました。また、Feeding the Bearのアクティビティで使えるカードを書くライティングの練習も行いました。子ども達は、板書された単語を1つ読んだらそれを紙に書いて、クマに食べさせてあげました😊

This week we also did the daily fitness challenge days 26-29. Day 26: Create your own obstacle course and time yourself doing it. Day 27: Do gorilla shuffle for 15 seconds. Day 28: Lay on the floor. Lift your arms and legs above the floor for 10 seconds. Day 29: Balance a book on your head for 15 seconds. We will be doing the last day of the challenge on Monday and give them something for achieving this 30 Day Fitness Challenge.


Tuesday was a lucky day for us. The weather was really nice and we were able to go and play at the park!


Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!