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More guests! – Savanna 12/4 – 12/8

The Savanna class can’t just get over inquiring about celebrations worldwide. After inquiring about different celebrations worldwide, the Savanna class reviewed all the facts and tried to spot the similarities and differences between these events.

One of the events we have compared with each other was the New Year Celebration. To get more information about this event, we invited more guest speakers, but this time, they did not come physically but virtually! They talked about how they celebrate New Year in their country. Mr. Thapelo from South Africa shared that Christmas in their country falls in the Summer season, so they have a BBQ party to celebrate, while Mr. John from America, shared that New Year is not a big deal in their country, family gathers together to eat dinner and watch the countdown held in New York on television and sleep! Also, we had a guest speaker from France, Mr. Lionel. He said that in France, New Year is not for family for the most part, but for friends. They party a lot the whole night on Dec 31st and sleep on January 1st.

It was a nice experience listening to different ways people celebrate New Year and compare them to how we celebrate in Japan.

In Phonics, we explored words that fall under /op/ family. This time, the style was changed since everybody could read words already: Flashcards were given to the students to read. Then, we all think and guess what family the words fall. Our Savanna students are not just fond of reading but also writing! We are all excited to dive deeper and hone our reading and writing skills more.

The whole campus is very busy preparing for the biggest event of the year in our school, The Christmas Show. We can’t wait to showcase, once again, our talent and best performance to our families and friends!

Till the next blog!