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Rainforest, and our Upcoming Christmas Show: December 4-8

Thank you Ms Richine for sharing about Saint Patrick’s Day. This day in March with its origin from Ireland, commemorates the saint, Patrick for his love, good deeds and service to his community. Big parades are held. Rainforest recalled the shamrock leaf and the colour green as symbols of Saint Patrick. It is from Ireland. And if you don’t wear green, you will be pinched! Green is the colour of spring.

With oil crayons, we mixed yellow and blue to get green. We experimented to get different shades of green. I used dark blue and yellow… dark green. I get emerald green… I used light blue and more yellow!

For Christmas, we wrote a letter to Santa Claus. We reflected about how we have been good. You do not have to get presents for being good but surely that will make our day! I shared toys with my friends. I helped my daddy and mummy. I played with my sister. So please, Santa. I will love to have….

Rainforest has been practising hard for the Christmas show – reading our lines for the play Wizard of Oz, singing, dancing, and polishing our music performances. In line with our IB theme How We Express Ourselves – ISN Christmas show is perfect for honing their creative performance skills, and showcasing their talents. We must look at the audience. We need expressive voices and actions. We enjoy ourselves on stage! Many thanks dear Parents for practising at home too. Let’s make the upcoming Christmas show a success!

Till next week, keep toasty warm and have a great weekend!