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Try New Things (Lagoon- November 2nd-6th)

November has come and the weather is getting colder each day. We may not avoid to get a cold and some sickness during this cold season. But we always make sure to wrap up our kids everytime we go outside.


Try New Things”

Fear is a typical response to new challenges or experiences. These situation make children feel uncertain, vulnerable and anxious. They avoid unfamiliar and prefer not to risk attempting something new. We make conscious effort to build up courage and enthusiasm for new challenges! We always praise them saying, Go! Go! Go! You can do it!


This week children challenged themselves to jump over a vault. Some kids enjoyed it and some kids were afraid to jump. Later on, all of them enjoyed it since they experienced once and knew that it was safe to jump over.


” We found Fall”

Children enjoyed the breeze, picking up some acorns and different colors of leaves and mentioned their colors, Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown!


Thank you reading our blog. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.