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Bus trip to the Park (Lagoon- October 5th- 8th)

The breeze was cool and the weather was good. We were so excited to our bus trip. The park was wide enough to play freely on our assigned place to stay. We saw trains passing by and the children enjoyed the nature playing on the slide and the big sandpit. After coming back to school kids couldn’t wait to open their obento which were made by their parents. Ooh! It’s Anpanman! Dokinchan! We have the same! Mom made it so I’ll eat everything! My eyes couldn’t believe that they all ate everything! They were very satisfied. Thanks to mom and dad for all your support.


It’s a “Halloween” month

“Knock! Knock! Who’s there? I’m a Ghost! I’m a Witch ” I’m scared! Go away! We are learning about Halloween words this month and did our crafts of a “spider” and “Jack O Lantern”.


” We love raising our hands”

Lagoon class are very excited to raise their hands and talk in front of the class. Recently, they love singing in a loud voice and pointing the flashcards on the wall.


Thank you for reading our blog. Have a wonderful weekend.