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School life is fun (Lagoon Sep23-25)

Hello everyone,

We only had 3 days spent at school this week but we had lots of fun. We made our craft about food and we had chosen a cake as one. The children love painting and picked their favorite colors to decorate their cakes. We learned lots of words as we did our craft. ” It’s a plate, a strawberry, chocolate, yellow, blue, pink, etc. Strawberry and chocolate cake is done. Wow! Looks yummy!


We love Wednesdays!

It’s Wednesday! We have our gym! The children were so excited to get on the bus to go to the gym. They move faster than usual. We enjoyed stretching and moving our body and running around. “Look! Look! I can do it!”


体を伸ばしたり走り回ったり、 ‘見て見て!これできるよ!’ と言いながら体を動かしていました。

It’s a Rainy Friday

Our way of enjoying our day. It’s rainy! We couldn’t go out for a walk. We played in the classroom using some rings and we made a bridge to pass balancing our body not to fall on the floor.


Thank you for reading our blog. Enjoy your weekend.