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A special message to our Grandparents(Lagoon Sep14-17)

Hello everyone,

Our sports festival has successfully done through the effort of everyone. A warm thanks to all the parents who allotted their time coming and seeing the children’s performance. Great job Lagoon students.


This week, we are celebrating the “Grandparents Day” and we would like to express our love to them. We made a cute message card, kids traced their hands and decorated it using some flower stickers. They enjoyed doing it while saying “I want to see my grandpa and grandma and hand it to them”. They were so excited to welcome the day.


We had fun at the park

It has been a nice weather and we were so excited going to the nearest park. We enjoyed playing on the slide and some friends collected the stones in different sizes. The children were wondering “what are these?” when they see things that are new to them. They keep on learning many things while playing too.


We had enough space to exercise and run around

It was a wonderful day doing our gymnastics with the other classes. We did the exercise and run around as we like. We sweat a lot and enjoyed the day.


Playing in the sandpit

Though we only have a little remaining time we let our little ones have something to enjoy outside the classroom. They love playing in the sandpit and run around in the campus.


We enjoy learning everyday.

Kids have fun learnimng about numbers and foods. They love to raise their hands and pick the flashcards what the teacher was asking. Good job Lagoon students!


Thank you for reading our blog. Keep safe and have a nice weekend!