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Discovering more about the living creatures-Shooting Star- Aug 21st-25th


This week Shooting Star class had gradually come back to its full house after the Obon holiday and in the morning everyone got busy as they dived into their favorite station doing the things they loved.

We discovered more about insects as part of our second line of inquiry. Students were asked individually what insects they are interested in for them to discover and to learn more and everyone had taken their pick. They picked butterfly, beetle, dragonfly, ladybug, and spider although it’s not an insect, but an arachnid, we considered it as it was the choice of a couple of students. Students with the same pick, grouped themselves together and filled in the information needed on the insect observation sheet like insect name, number of legs, food it eats, and whether it can fly or not. This group task was very beneficial because it helped them improve their communication skills, listening skills, social skills. It also provided them a chance to share, take turns, and wait. Next time, we will be discovering about the life cycle of the insect they picked and we will draw the baby insect and adult one.

Our Sports Festival is coming in less than a month. Our theme is, “Travel Around the World”. Shooting Star will be presenting a Parachute performance with A Whole New World music. Boys imagine themselves Aladdin and girls, Jasmine. We are so excited every time we have a practice and we always try our best to execute it with the right steps from beginning to end. We made a world craft for decoration in the gym on the Sports Festival Day. We can’t wait for that day!

Aside from daily school pool water play, we went to the Central pool for our swimming lesson. It’s so evident that everyone in Shooting Star class has been more independent, which means they can change by themselves quickly from school clothes to swimming gear and vice versa and they can follow multiple instructions. That allows us to save more time and energy. Amazing!

We also had a music lesson this week. Ms. Nishimura has been teaching us to play the keys, mi re do, mi re do, mi re do re. We learned new songs and we tried to sing them with actions.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.