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One of the best ways to enjoy the fall season is to get out and explore nature.
This week, we went to a big park that’s a little far from our school. It’s our way to let our young ones explore nature and the season. Playing outdoors in the autumn incites children’s five senses and encourages their emotional and physical growth. Giving them the opportunity to experience nature and play outdoors will promote their learning and curiosity in the world around them.
Everybody enjoyed playing on the big structure, collecting acorns and dried leaves. It was really a great experience for everybody!

To conclude our LOI1, our youngsters had a presentation about the feelings that live inside their house. Some of them shared happy moments with their families, while others talked about going somewhere with their parents and meeting their friends. It was good to learn about how they spend time with their families during the weekends and the emotions they experience. This activity aims to build social-emotional skills among kids, their parents, and their friends, and assess their understanding of the lesson. Thank you for sharing!

In our phonics and writing lessons, we are learning the letter R and its sound. For our phonics activity, we colored all the letter R’s. Our kids looked for all the uppercase and lowercase letter R and colored them with their desired color/s.

For our writing lesson, our little ones traced the uppercase letter R. Here’s a glimpse of our writing lesson.

We conducted a fire drill and explained what fire is and what will happen if it occurs. We also taught them the safety precautions to take when there is a fire, such as:

  • Do not push your friends.
  • Do not run.
  • Do not talk.
  • Do not re-enter the building.
  • Cover your mouth.

Well done, Aurora!!!

Here’s our this month’s dance exercise:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!