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PAST AND PRESENT TRAINS- Aurora Mar. 4th-8th

In our UOI, we are learning about the characteristics of transportation. So, our class visited a park where we could see an old train. We differentiated its characteristics from the present one. Some students shared that the old train has a fire inside for it to move, it’s slower and smaller than the present train. Also, we had a chance to get on the train going back to school. Everybody was so excited and had so much fun from our bus trip!

This week, one of our little ones bid goodbye to our class. He will move to a different place, so we had a simple farewell party for him. Some of his friends gave a present to him and a message. They wished him luck for his new school and said they love him. It was a very touching moment for everybody. Good luck, little one! We love you, and we will miss you!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Here’s our dance exercise for this month: