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Fun School Open Day-Shooting Star-June 3rd-7th


Welcome to our first blog for the month of June.

We began this month with so much fun by welcoming our parents on our School Open Day. As active learners, as soon as we found out the presence of our parents around us, we couldn’t help ourselves but get carried away by the hysteria when we saw them. But at the same time, we also reminded ourselves that we need to be balanced by being mindful of what we need to do in the class as Shooting Star. During our morning circle, as engaged learners, we actively participated in our activities from singing the songs, answering the questions, doing the exercise to reading jump out words with a positive energy. For UOI, we interviewed our daddies about their family roles. We asked them questions like, Do you cook? Do you clean the house? etc. Unfortunately not all daddies came so in that case, we interviewed the mommies by asking, Does my daddy cook? Does he clean the house? etc. Thank you dear parents for engaging directly to the learning journey of our little ones. We appreciate your time and your cooperation.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, with that in mind, we made a necktie with origami paper for our superheroes to recognize and appreciate their endless efforts, initiatives, and contributions in the family. Thank you daddies for tirelessly taking your role. Our Father’s Day craft be continued next week. Wait and see the end result!

This week we had our Gym lesson at ISN. Ms. Airi came with fun activities at hand. The activities that we enjoyed the most were the hula hoop jumping and jumping ladder. We were challenged to balance, jump, and hop. We strived to be risk-takers and communicators during the lesson.

We went to Nambu park on foot. It was quite a long walk, we made it back and forth though. We enjoyed playing in the park and digging the sand to find treasures. We had another memorable week indeed!

Have a great weekend everyone.