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Hi everyone!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the parents who exerted their efforts to come to our first school open day! Your presence means a lot to us! Our young ones were so happy and excited to see and do various activities with all of you. They all did their best to show you that they are doing well at school. Thank you for your support, parents! We really appreciate it!

In our UOI lesson this week, we started our LOI2 where we discussed “People Around Me.” We talked about the members in the Shimauchi campus, their teachers, and friends from other classes. We also discussed our new learner profile “open-minded,” which means “we respect others.” We learned that being open-minded means respecting others’ choices and wants, listening to the teachers, greeting your friends and teachers, and asking permission before doing something. To begin our new topic, we had a School Tour. We visited all the classrooms in the campus, and we also had a chance to join Savannah’s morning circle time. Some students shared what they have in their classroom. Thank you for sharing, Savannah! In this activity, our youngsters discovered a lot of things that they hadn’t seen yet on the campus, such as the emergency exit on the second floor, the library, the hidden storage room for all our class’s materials, etc. Everybody had so much fun wandering around the campus!

For our phonics and writing lesson, we discussed the letter C, its sound, and some words that begin with it such as car, cat, carrot, cap, cake, and cow. We also learned how to write the uppercase letter C properly. First, we practiced writing the letter in the air using our index (mommy) finger, then we traced the letter on the worksheet. It was the first time that we traced a letter, and everyone did a great job!

Here’s our dance exercise for this month.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!