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Welcome Grade 4!

This week we have been re-affirming our bond as a group as well as embarking on a new project.

We began by deciding our Essential Agreement for Grade Four. After much deliberation it was decided that there should be five agreements (because five is one more than four, of course). The agreements are:
私たちはまず、4年生のEssential Agreementを決めることから始めました。検討の結果、5つの合意事項を設けることにしました(もちろん、5は4よりも1つ多いからです)。その合意事項とは

  1. Integrate don’t segregate
  2. Eat healthy food, sleep well and exercise
  3. Respect people and be ready to cooperate
  4. Listen carefully and have fun
  5. Be open-minded to trying new things
  1. 統合し、分離しない
  2. 健康的な食事をし、よく眠り、運動する
  3. 人を尊重し、協力する姿勢を持つ
  4. 耳を澄まして、楽しく過ごす
  5. 新しいことに挑戦する心を持つ

All class members have signed a contract binding them to follow these agreements. 

We have also been in and out of the classroom while looking at scale drawing. This began by learning about scale, i.e. 1m:1cm and then measuring the classroom and making a scale drawing. We also went outside and measured the playground and will be working today to apply our new knowledge and skills to make a scale drawing from these measurements.

Thank you for reading and have a nice week.