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Grade 3, Relentlessly migrating minds.

Greetings! Continuing with the topic of migration in the grade 3 class, this week the focus was on political migration. And throughout unit 1, we have been focusing on the different concepts of migration, and this week was no different. The grade 3s used the migration of the Jews from Nazi Germany to different parts of Europe and the USA during World War 2. Even though this could have a complex and sensitive topic, the students took pretty well to this big subject. We watched a video about Henry Friedman, who is a holocaust survivor and Jew from Poland, as he told his story of survival. We also read an article on Otto Frank, a Jew who was born in Germany but had to migrate because of the political strive in Germany at the time. The students focused on Frank’s journey, the push factors and pull factors for Otto Frank and his family. After this, they wrote an essay on political migration, using Otto Frank’s story as the inspiration. Overall, its been a great week!