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One Big Heart (SS April 19-23)

Shooting Star Family is getting closer every day. Lots of waves of laughter, gigglings, and most importantly LEARNING!
SSさんは、日々SSさんらしくなってきています❤️ たくさんの笑い、笑顔、そして学びが見られます✌️

It was jam-packed with activities for UOI this week. The students proudly presented their own families in front of the class. They introduced each member of their family and counted how many are there in it. They were for sure nervous while presenting, but they did their best to do the task and make their family proud.

Before the big day, the formative assessment for the first LOI, the Shooting star students looked at the picture of each of their family members and reflected on their relationship with that person. After that, they pasted each picture on a heart shape paper and compared their own family with their seat-mates. It was good practice for them to be a good communicator and hone their ability to be open-minded.
LOI 1が終わる前に、フォーマティブアセスメントを行いました。
まずは先生方が切り取った家族の写真を一人ひとりのことを考えながらハートの形の紙に貼り付けました。自分のファミリーハートが出来上がり、みんなとても満足そうでした😉 その後自分の家族と近くのお友達と比べっこ!

And the big day has finally come. The knowledge of each student was assessed by testing if they know how families are alike and different. They were asked to observe 3 different families, their own and that of others. The teacher helped them spot how they are alike and different by asking some questions. Most of the students understood the concept and answered correctly and some needed more help to grasp the idea. but nonetheless, everyone enjoyed and did well in this activity!
そしてアセスメント当日!LOI 1は「家族はみんな似ているところも違うところもある」という内容です。アセスメントは色々な角度から「同じ?違う?」という質問をして、みんながどのくらい自分の家族と色々な家族について理解しているかをみるものです。3人のクラスメイト同士で先生に聞かれた質問に対し同じか違うかを答えました。先生の助けが必要な子どもたちもいましたが、みんな楽しみながらアセスメントを終えルことができました👍

For Phonics and Writing, they have graduated from tracing and now are ready to develop their writing skills. The students started practicing writing the letter A. Some of them missed writing on the lines, but that is okay, as it is their first time to write on their own anyways.
フォニックスとライティングではトレーシングから卒業し、なぞらずにライティングできるように練習を始めました。先週習った「Long letters, Small Letters, Hanging Letters」を4本のラインが書かれたノートで練習しています。みんな初めはあまり上手に線の上で文字を書くことができませんが、大丈夫です!初めはみんなこんな感じです!SSさんならこれからたくさん練習してすぐに上手に書けるようになると思います😍

They have missed Mabel, the class mascot! First, they reviewed all the sounds of the letters and they were amazing at it! And then, they continued making friends with letters! With the help of Mabel, they were able to think of words that start with the letter M. They were challenged to separate flashcards with different objects on them, they pasted on the board all the objects that start with the letter M and keep away the objects that are not.
みんなクラスマスコットのメイブルに会いたかったようです!まずは全てのアルファベットの発音を復習しましたが、みんなとても上手で感心しました👏 メイブルのヘルプを借りてMから始まる色々な単語や名前の発音、スペルを言い当てることができました😉 フラッシュカードを使ったアクティビティもしました!

This week, we had a fire drill exercise, too! Together with the other classes, we reviewed the rules on what to do during a fire. Upon hearing the bell, the students stop what they were doing right away, covered their noses with their towels, and lined up nicely. Everything went smooth and well.

We also had Physical Education at the gym and special free playtime at the school! At the gym, students ran, stretched, and exercised. After that, they used Hula hoops to jump and move and have fun! And for the special free playtime, we played playdough or clay! It helped the students to develop special motor skills.



Before we end this, let us also share what we did in Math! We reviewed recognizing numbers by cutting and pasting the number in their right match. Also, we practiced addition using board activities and some chips! It was a good time for everyone!
最後に、算数のアクティビティです。カット&ペイストアクティビティで、ハサミを上手に使う練習もできました✂️ ホワイトボードを使ったレッスンでは、足し算をしました。

It has been another good week for shooting star students. It is amazing to see how they grow and learn together and able to share ONE BIG HEART!

Till the next blog, friends! Have a prosperous weekend!