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Hello December! – G3

Hello, we hope the week has been good to you. As we bring in a new month, December comes with continuously decreasing temperatures but preparations for the Performance Day also roll on.


The new week got off to more of the same, as we continued practicing, and studying of the script. There has been gradual and positive improvement that is certainly encouraging. We continue the week as we look to get stronger.


We also started the week with a new Christmas Carol. The change to Jingle Bell Rock as our new Christmas Carol was much needed, the students have also taken on the new challenge well and we are truly enjoying the new carol.

また、今週は新しいクリスマスキャロル、Jingle Bell Rockを練習しています。子ども達もこの新しいチャレンジをしっかりと受け止め、新しいキャロルを心から楽しんでいます。

The week ended strongly, and positively with an always enjoyable music lesson on Friday, and we had the opportunity of practicing at the Shimauchi gym, which gave us the chance to see and practice in a semi stage feel. Quite productive!


We hope for more of the same next week. Have a great week yourselves, and see you next time!

来週も期待しています。それでは皆さん、良い一週間をお過ごしください!また次回お会いしましょう !