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Friction: Less or More? -G1


The second experiment has something to do with friction. We wanted to find out what friction is by pulling a carton of milk on top of a table. We first cut one side of the carton and fill it in with rocks. On top of the rocks we placed two of our heaviest water bottles in each team. We also attached a rubber band on one end. Our worksheets had a measuring scale and used it as our ruler.


We then guessed on how long the band would stretch for it to move. After testing, we wrote the result. For the next activity, we attached wheels or rollers under the box. We toy cars for this experiment. The problem we encountered was that the box was not stable and the cars were too small. We then decided to remove the water bottles and just fill the box with rocks. We also used two toy cars to make it more stable.


This time, we have to guess again on how long would the rubber band stretch for it to move. Afterwards, recorded both our predictions and the result.


We found out that with the carton and box alone, we exerted more effort in stretching the band for it to move. However, using the rollers, we need less effort. And it is all because of friction. We talked about the surface, the smoothness and roughness of the objects rubbing against each other.


Finally, we drew and wrote about the different observations and activities we did for the whole experiment. We used our “I am a Scientist” mini-book to record all the information we were able to gather as well as our conclusions.

最後に、実験全体で行ったさまざまな観察や活動について絵を描きました。今回もミニブック「I am a Scientist」を使って、収集できたすべての情報と結論を記録しました。

Please continue to follow our experiments every week. Join our quest of becoming a mini Scientist!


Thanks for reading!