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Culminating Day – G2

Preparation Day

During our culminating preparation, everyone was so busy for the final performance. First, we began to prepare our script. Second, we searched ideas about our costume. Third, we created our props. Lastly, we selected a great song for the play. We’re really excited to perform so we devoted our hearts to make our costume and props well. But making tails and ears are not that so easy for us that time. It takes lots of patience. With the help of Ms. Atsuko, a very hands on and supportive coordinator, we accomplished all the things that we needed for the whole event. On the performance day, we were very nervous that time but we tried our best to perform with our strong spirit just to make our parents proud.
I don’t want to make a speech, but I want to say that my husband is a FANTASTIC FOX!” -Mrs. Fox


準備期間にはまず、台本の準備に取りかかりました。次に衣装のアイデア探し。3つ目には、小道具の作成。最後に、劇に使う曲を選びました。 本番が待ち遠しくて、衣装も小道具も心をこめて作りました。 しっぽや耳を作るのが難しく、とても根気のいる作業でした。とても協力的なコーディネーターのMs.Atsukoに助けてもらい、イベントに必要なたくさんのことを準備することができました。本番当日、私たちは皆とても緊張していましたが、お家の方々に喜んでもらいたいと強い精神力をもって一生懸命演じました。

“スピーチはしませんが、私の夫はFANTASTIC FOXです!と言いたいです”-ミセス・フォックス


With the assistance of our very own coordinator, Ms. Atsuko, we came to choose “Fantastic Mr. Fox” as our play. We had the following choices: Willy Wonka, Frog and Toad, Annie, Aristocrats, Magic Treehouse series, The music man and Seussical. The good thing about the play is, it fits the number of characters with the number of students that we have. Since the characters from the downloaded script are nine it matched our numbers. Luckily, everyone has a part however they were undecided to pick the character they wanted to portray. It took more than a week before we settled it down.
-“What shall we eat tonight? Chicken from Boggis, Duck from Bunce or cider from Bean?” -Mr. Fox





“Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a fictional book portrayed by both humans and animals. However, these animals would also act like humans, using anthropomorphism as a technique in telling a story. We’ve watched some pictures, plays and short clips from the movie in order to get some idea of our costume. In the end, students’ wore the following costume: a formal attire, common dress by villagers, a farmer’s dress, ear headbands. For our ears and tails, we watched some DIY clips just to have an idea. At first, it seemed that everyone were so excited to make it but we realized that it was not so easy as what we’ve expected. Some tried to continue but some of us gave up. As a result, some tails were long and some were short.
-“I will never grow another tail again.” -Mr. Fox


“Fantastic Mr. Fox “は、人間と動物の両方が描かれたフィクションです。動物たちも人間のように行動し、擬人法を用いて物語が進みます。衣装のイメージをつかむために、映画の写真や劇、短い動画をいくつか見ました。最終的には、正装、村人の服装、農民の服装、耳つきのヘアバンドの4種類を用意しました。耳としっぽは、DIYの動画を見てイメージを膨らませました。最初はみんな大喜びで作っていましたが、思ったより簡単ではないことに気がつきました。何人かは続けようとしましたが、何人かはあきらめました。その結果、長いしっぽもあれば、短いしっぽもありました。

-”もう二度としっぽは生やさない” -Mr.Fox


The making of props was enjoyable. We drew, painted, created, and designed our crafts. To make it easier we divided our class according to our characters. Farmers will be the one to make the shovels, guns, doughnuts, ham, bacon and fried chickens. While the foxes together with badger painted the hole and trees. Some of the remaining props were finished by students who volunteered. Good thing we didn’t have too much props to make.
“Yipee!!! I’ve done it!” -Mr. Fox.


-“イエーイ!!!終わったー!!“-Mr. Fox