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G3/4 Living together with AI(July 6th-9th)

G3/4 AIと一緒に住むって?


例えば、「AIのロボットと、その他のロボットの違いは?」の質問が初めは難しかった生徒たちが見られました。クラスのディスカッションで、Frayer modelを使い、定義(生徒たちの例:自分で考える事が出来るマシーン)やその特徴(生徒達の例: ”火事や災害現場など人間が立ち入ると危ない場所に、入って作業が出来る”、”いなくなったペットを探す”、”薬、とお願いすると症状を間違わずに薬屋さんに買い物に行ってくれる”)、例(生徒の例は、Wymo, Sophia, Asimo)やAIではない例(電動掃除機、電話、リモコン操作の車)などを何度も何度も挙げながら、理解が難しかった生徒が自分で説明が出来るまでに、一緒に到達する事が出来ました!



今週月曜日と木曜日は明日のスポーツデーのリハーサルでした。全学年が混ざった5色のチームによるポイント制のゲームが沢山!! どの競技も、どのチームも思いっきり盛り上がって、日々チームごとに戦略が立てられています。きっとお家でも、「待ちきれない!」生徒達の興奮は伝わっているでしょうね… :)! 保護者の皆さんとの競技も、楽しみにしています:D!

G3/4 have moved on their Unit inquiry cycle stage from “sorting out” to “going further” this week. We had numbers of discussion on;

  • “What are the differences between an AI robot and a robot?”

While few students had difficulties explaining the differences in the beginning of the session, all students contributed to the discussion and shared their understanding by using the Frayer model. Some students defined AI as “machine that can think and develop by itself”, explained the characteristics as “they can go to places that might be dangerous for people such as a house on fire and had natural disasters.”, “they can look for lost pets”, “we can ask AI to go get an appropriate medicine from a pharmacy.”, listed some examples of AI such as “Wymo”, “Sophia”, “Asimo” and non- examples “automated vacuum cleaner”, “telephone”, “remote controlled vehicles”, etc. All students could successfully explain some differences by the end of the session.

They also had a good opportunity to think about;

  • “Benefits and issues on AI” 

Some students identified that while AI can do some tasks that are risky for people to do, they’d take some current job opportunities away from human. Other students demonstrated that because AI can be connected to the internet, their information can always be updated and they won’t forget once they experienced, including possibly some feelings such as sadness and anger. We also had a debate on either AI can have five senses, how we can live with AI in harmony and how the students’ “my AI robot” can contribute to society… It was lovely to have the parents feedback on the students’ “my AI robot” ideas and what it does.

Currently the students are super concentrated working on their own AI robot models (craft) 😉

This coming week they will be having a presentation about their own AI robot ideas and the prototype. They have decided to present using some slides and a projector by group, assessed by other groups and would prepare all that by each group on Monday…!

This week, we had the Sports Day rehearsal and practice on Monday and Thursday. The students practised the big jump-rope, dodgeball, relay race, their dance performance and Bonbon dance together! They were excited to look at each class’ dance performance as well 🙂 All our students’ parents, see you tomorrow!