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A clean hand is a caring hand. (Aurora July 6-10)


Handwashing is easy for everybody but isn’t done properly most of the time. It’s very important to teach our children the when, how, and why of handwashing.


Aurora just finished LOI 1: Clean and Dirty last Friday by doing a completing a worksheet. They were asked to sort pictures that show clean and dirty by pasting them in the right column. Most of them got them all right and able to name the pictures clean/dirty hands, clean/dirty sea, and clean/dirty room. Well done, Aurora!


For LOI 2: Importance of Cleanliness, we are discussing about how and why do we keep ourselves clean. The first way to keep ourselves clean is to wash our hands. We reminded them to wash their hands when they get home, before eating, after going to the bathroom, after playing with pets, after they sneeze/cough, and after playing outside. We also taught them how to wash their properly following the steps in our poster: wet, add soap, scrub, rinse, and dry your hands. Then, we watched a video about why they have to wash their hands regularly. We learned that germs are everywhere and these germs can spread easily and become stronger if we don’t wash our hands. Germs also make people sick and we don’t want to share germs to other people.



次はいつ手洗いをするのかについて話しました。オーロラさんのみんなは、以下の6つの場面で手洗いが必要なことを学びました。1. 外から家に帰って来た後 2. 食べる前 3. トイレに行った後 4. ペットと遊んだ後 5. 咳やくしゃみをした後 6. 外で遊んだ後

そして、正しい手の洗い方の順番もしっかり学びました。ポスターをよく見て、順番を覚えます!もちろん実践もしてみました😉 みんな真剣に、そして上手に手を洗うことができました👏

In phonics, our focus this week is letter K. We had letter K searching, coloring pictures which begin with letter k, and tracing letter K.


In math, we did rainbow number 9 and played Number Bingo.


Finally, we had our Gym Open Day! Our boys and girls were very happy that their parents were able to join them in their activities at the gym. It was really fun! Thank you so much dear mommies and daddies for attending the said school activity!


保護者の皆様 お忙しい中、お越しいただいてありがとうございました!

Have a great weekend, everyone!