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And that, is that. – G4

Another year over and a new one not too far away.


It is with a sad, yet glad heart that I bid farewell to this year’s Grade 4 class. Sad because we go our separate ways. Glad because I have had the privilege of teaching and learning with these wonderful young people.


In this our final week, the class has been put the finishing touches to educational videos on the theme of teaching younger learners about diseases. After learning that Japan was now offering vaccinations for under-12’s, both groups that produced videos, opted to explore vaccination and Covid 19.

最終週となる今週は、「病気について若い人に教える」というテーマで、教育用ビデオの仕上げを行っています。日本では12歳以下を対象に予防接種を実施していることを知り、2グループに分かれて予防接種とCovid 19について調べ、ビデオを作りました。

I hope you enjoy both of these audio-visual treats.


Grade 4, thank you.


As Cherry Blossoms begin to awaken and share their soft pink joy, so we say farewell and look forward to a new day, at a new school.


Wherever you and your child are going, I thank you for the time we have shared together and hope all the best for you and your child.


May your days be filled with good health, wisdom and laughter.


Fare thee well.