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“Our Bodies Look Different From Others” Aurora- April 19-23


Our class has been discussing more on our first Line of Inquiry which is, Our bodies look different from others. This time, we made our own face by drawing our face parts using the crayons. We have a better understanding of the color of our body parts, like hair is either brown or black, mouth is either pink or red, eyes are either black or brown, etc. We can be the same or different. Undoubtedly, Aurora class has a better understanding of our bodies like we have ten fingers, two legs, two hands, etc. Everyone has the same number of body parts.

一番目のLOIとなります”Our bodies look different from others”について、更に学習を進め、理解を深めています。今回は、クレヨンを使い、顔のパーツを描いて、色塗りをしました。髪は黒か、茶色、目は茶色、または黒、唇は赤、またはピンク、などよりよく観察をし理解しました。私達は皆んな同じところや違うところがあり、それは素晴らしい事だと学びました。

Then we went on with our topic by comparing the size of our hands. Some have the same size and some have different size. The class exclaimed, “The same” or “Different”.

その後、手のサイズを考えた活動に移りました。何名かのお友達は同じ位の大きさの手を持ち、何名かは違うサイズでした。クラスのみんなで、“The same” または、“Different”と声を出して言いました!

And we made our handprint and measured their length by using cube blocks. Then we counted the number of blocks corresponding to our hand’s length and we counted the number of our fingers as well . And we recorded the data on the paper, “My hands are 5 cubes long” or “My hands are 6 cubes long” and “I have 10 fingers”.

実際にどのくらいの大きさなのか一人一人の手形を絵の具を使いとり、大きさをキューブを使い確認し、指の数を数えました。紙に記録して、“My hands are 5 cubes long” 、“My hands are 6 cubes long” 、そして “I have 10 fingers”と書き留めました。廊下に展示していますので、是非ご覧下さい。

Children’s Day is coming up very soon. With that in mind, we made a Koi nobori craft to enliven the event on May 5th. Aurora class enjoyed painting their Koi nobori in different colors and the result is simply colorful.


This week we had our Fire Drill led by Ms. Rieko. Before the drill, Ms. Hitoko explained to us what fire drill is and what are the things that we need to do. Good job Aurora class for evacuating successfully and walking back to our classroom safely.


We started tracing the letters. Last week was letter A and this week is letter B. We got better in holding the pencil. Our illustrated tracing letter worksheet help us build our early phonics skills. After we traced, we colored the pictures.


And lastly, we walked to the big park for the first time. To make sure that we could reach the park safely, we walked with the three important rules; No gap, Walk on the side of the road, and walk in a straight line. Yes, we made it and we had so much fun under the sun.

最後に、今日は歩いて少し足を伸ばして公園へ出かけました。安全に公園へ行けられるように、何度もお約束を確認しました。No gap, Walk on the side of the road, walk in a straight lineの3点がとても大切なキーになります。無事に行き、楽しく遊び、スクールに戻る事ができました!

Have a safe and fantastic weekend everyone!良い週末をお過ごしください!