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“Our Memorable Christmas Show” Aurora-December 13-17


Thank you parents and grandparents for coming to our Christmas show. It was indeed a memorable experience for us and we hoped that you enjoyed watching our play, The Enormous Turnip”. Aurora students told the teachers that their parents have congratulated them after the show and that made them even more confident. Well done, Aurora class.


✅ Park

Now that we’re done with our third UOI, we want to relax our mind and just simply have fun. Going to the park is one of our favorite things to do. It makes our heart excited and it strengthens our immune system. Time flies! Aurora students have grown up and become more sociable and responsible.


✅ Phonics, Tracing, and Matching Uppercase and Lowercase letters

It becomes easier for us to sound the letter with object and also tracing small letters. We’re also working on matching the uppercase and lowercase letters. Aurora class enjoyed learning alphabet!


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.みなさま、良い週末をお過ごしください