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Preparation is the key to success(April 1st-5th)

Welcome to Aurora’s first blog of the new school year(2024-2025).


We welcomed four new members to our original nursery crew to make a total of twenty Aurora students! The IB program officially begins on Monday the 8th and we have lots of work awaiting us. As far as literacy is concerned, writing and reading are going to be the two new things added to our list of tasks. When we were in our respective nursery classes, Rainbow and Meadow we didn’t do much of this. To prepare for this change, we did lots of line tracing activities this week. We also begin swimming lessons at Central fitness center and our first lesson is on Tuesday the 9th, so please don’t forget to prepare swim gear for your little ones.


Playing outdoors

Playing outdoors has always been a favorite past time of ours.The majority of us enjoyed jumping up and down in muddy puddles.Laundering muddy clothes isn’t fun but we appreciate you not getting angry at us when we return back home with dirty clothes. 😁


Nanbu park

We rode the bus to Nanbu park with Shooting star and played interactive games together!

シューティングスターのお友達とバスで南部公園へ行きました。”What time is it?Mr.Wolf.”や「だるまさんが転んだ」をして遊んだり手をつないで丸くなったりと一緒に楽しい時間を過ごしました。

Spring craft

Just recently, it was announced on the news that cherry blossoms are now in full bloom in Tokyo. We sang the “spring is here” song a lot this week. To drive the point home that spring is really upon us, we did a flower craft.

つい先日、東京で桜が満開になったと発表されました。松本はまだまだこれからですが、今週は”Spring is here”という歌をたくさん歌いました。春が来たことを実感するために桜の木のクラフトをしました。開花が楽しみですね!

Welcome K, R, I and N

Three boys and one girl joined Aurora and we plan on making the most of our time together. Learning lots of things and having lots of fun!

It is said that there is power in words and I declare that the 2024-2025 school year will be an awesome one for Aurora! We ask for and appreciate your support , as we navigate through the four units of study set for this year.



Have a great weekend!


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.