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Aurora:Always say yes to new adventures (April 8th-12th)

Hi everyone!


Welcome to Aurora’s second blog of the month. The highlight of this week was that we had our very first swimming lesson at Central Fitness Center. For many it was a first time experience. Many Aurora friends displayed the risk-taker learner profile. They were a bit scared of the depth of the water but they willed themselves to bravery and found out that trying new things can be fun! For some, it was their first time riding on the school bus and they chatted among themselves saying, “this is fun, right!?”


Line of Inquiry 1

We officially began working on our line of inquiry 1(LOI1) for Unit 1. Through various activities we emphasize the importance of the students knowing their true selves and knowing and accepting the people around them. By so doing they create good relationships with those around them; their classmates, teachers , schoolmates etc.


In our quest to get to know each other better,we played the musical chair game and a modified version of the ” lion chase” game. Everyone smiled and laughed!



This week we traced numbers 1-10 and practised writing the capital letter A.


Park and fun outdoors

We went to North Shonai Park by bus on Thursday and took a walk around the neighbourhood on Friday morning. The weather was lovely and we got to see some cherry blossoms and ladybugs. Spring is here!



For our first music lesson of the new school year, Ms.Nishimura taught us how to play castanets.

オーロラクラス最初のmusic lessonでは、西村先生がカスタネットの叩き方を教えてくれました。ピアノの音に合わせて叩いていい時と、いけない時をよく聞き分けなくてはいけませんでしたが、全員で見事にそろえることができました!素晴らしいオーロラさんです!

Temperatures have changed now and many people finding themselves falling sick so please take care of yourselves. Have a fabulous weekend. See you on Monday!

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.