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Choices and Wellbeing! Milky Way 4/8- 4/12

What is “choice”?


What is “wellbeing”?


Milky Way class learned two new vocabulary words such as “choice” and “wellbeing”. How? We played a game “This or That” which everybody enjoyed. And by explaining how they played the game they came up with the meaning of choice. “We think and choose!”. We don’t always choose the things we like, we need to think if it is good for us. After drawing the pictures of the things that make them happy and looking at the pictures, they came up with the words related to wellbeing such as happy, healthy, and safe. We need these three to have good wellbeing. Now they are ready to explore the LOI1: Good choices as preschoolers improve our health and wellbeing.

今週ミルキーさん達は、”choice”と “wellbeing”という2つの新しい単語を学びました。どうやって?”This or That”というゲームをやってみました。2つの絵を見て、どちらかに並ぶゲームです。アイスクリームとケーキはどっち?春と秋は?そして、このゲームをみんながどうやってやったか話すことで、”choice “の意味を導き出しました。「考えて選ぶ!」。いつも好きなものを選ぶとは限らない、それが自分たちにとっていいことなのかを考えなきゃいけないんだ。

To test their prior knowledge, we sorted pictures that show how Rainbow/Meadow, Aurora, Shooting Star, and Milky Way students behave, act inside and outside the classroom, and make friends. Surprisingly, most of their answers were divided into two classes which are Rainbow/Meadow and Milky Way, and one picture goes to Aurora. While checking each photo, they were able to reflect if they really act as Milky Way students. One student commented that she is like that girl in the picture who is crying in the morning and doesn’t want to let go of her mom. She promised that she will try to be a risk-taker by not crying and go to her class by herself.


Milky Way class is now experiencing and noticing the difference between Shooting Star class routine and Milky Way class’. They read their first RAZ book, practiced writing small letters on the notebook, and had their first Japanese and Tennis lessons. They have a busier schedule now, but we make sure that they enjoy school everyday.

ミルキーさんになったみんなは、シューティングさんの時との一日の流れなどの違いを経験し感じているようです。今週は初めてRAZ bookを読み、ノートに小さな文字を書く練習をし、初めての日本語クラスやテニスレッスンがありました。ミルキーさんとしての忙しい毎日が始まりましたが、毎日楽しくスクール生活を送っています😊色々な変化を受け入れ、とても頑張っています。疲れも出やすい頃だと思いますので、週末はゆっくり身体を休められると良いですね。

See you again, next week! Thank you!