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Enter:workstations(May 7th-10th)Aurora

Hi everyone!
Welcome to Aurora’s first blog of May. Your little ones narrated the exciting trips they took during the Golden week holiday. Someone said they flew to Okinawa. Another said they boarded a ship to Hokkaido! Everyone came back refreshed and rearing to go!

We spent the whole of April reviewing the whole alphabet during morning lesson. From this month onwards, we will focus on 2~3 letters per month.The letters for May are A and B. This week’s letter of focus was A.




We started doing workstations during reception/inquiry time, at the beginning of this week. After unpacking one’s backpack, one has to do at least 3 workstation activities before they get the go ahead play freely.The students seem to be enjoying the activities prepared for them by the teacher,particularly “matching activities”, “puzzles” and “writing.”

今週から、登園後にワークステーションを始めました。 “マッチングアクティビティ”、”パズル”、”ライティング “などを楽しんでいます。

Outside play
We recently started playing on the big play structure in the schoolyard. Everyone was happy about this because they weren’t allowed to climb the structure when they were still in nursery . Yay to being able to do new things!


LOI2:My jobs in Aurora

As part of our line of inquiry 2, we practised how to undress and fold clothes properly. As well as how to clean up toys. These are things the students do daily so they will get better at it with time. There is a reason why it is said that practise makes perfect!

LOI 2の一環として、衣服の脱ぎ方とたたみ方を練習しました。また、おもちゃの片付け方も練習しました。Auroraさんたちは毎日やっていることなので、時間をかければできるようになります。練習すれば完璧になる(継続は力なり)と言われるのには理由があるのです!

Mother’s day craft

On Thursday morning we did a mother’s day craft. We hope you love the floral plates we made for you!



This week we enjoyed playing castanets and moving to the rhythm of Ms.Nishimura’s piano. She tells everyone to move when the piano plays and freeze when it stops. It’s so much fun!


Last week felt like we were already in summer but this week was quite chilly. Please beware of the sudden weather fluctuations so that you avoid falling sick. See you again next week.

Below are the links of the songs we sang and danced to this week.