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Peer Assessment – Rainforest 05/07 – 05/10

Busy as bees we are!

After relaxing and having fun with our family in the Golden Week, our little inquirers were back to school and immediately continued their inquiry about well-being.

The Rainforest class has been inquiring about Healthy Food. How can we balance? This is the question we are using to find information about being healthy. After looking into many sources about food, the inquirers came up with a project where they make a healthy plate. After it was made, they were tasked to have their work assessed not by their teachers but by their peers!


The activity was fun because we could see how honest our students were; they observed the work of their friends and gave some feedback. Some said: “I think, this plate is healthy because it has Go, Grow, and Glow food in it; I think this is not good because the food is too much, and one would react: but your plate has lots of foods, too. ; This is a healthy plate because it has some sweet but not too much.” It’s so rewarding to see our inquirers defending the knowledge they have and sharing with their friends what they think is right. The activity did not just allow them to showcase their work but also helped them hone their communication skill, and help them be risk-takers.

The whole class is also working on correcting our pronunciation especially when it comes to words that have “BOSSY R”. After taking up this lesson, the practice has been ongoing, each student would check on their friends and help them be reminded how to pronounce words correctly like: “ster – star, perk – park, and more.” Next week, we’ll finally delve into long vowel sounds – Magic e! We are excited to learn more skills and have more fun reading!


フォニックスでは、引き続き「BOSSY R」のつく単語の発音に取り組んでいます。このレッスンを受けてから、友達同士でお互いの発音をチェックし、 SterはStar、PerkはParkになるように、正しい発音の仕方を教え合っています。来週は、いよいよ長母音の「Magic e」を学びます」

We have been blessed to be surrounded by nature here in Nagano. This week, we had our annual Spring Bus Trip and it brought us nothing but happiness and satisfaction. This was our second time visiting this part, but despite visiting it last year, the experience was different. This year, we were given the chance to make some crafts, watch a film at their theatre, look at plants using a microscope, and have a picnic on the grass with the Alps as our view and birds and Monkeys in our surroundings! It was surreal and we will surely not forget this experience!



Have a lovely weekend and see you in the next blog!


This is the video related to Go, Grow, and Glow food we watch.