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Asking(Inquiring) is a huge part of learning-Aurora(May 13th~17th)

Warm greetings to our dear readers.
Welcome to Aurora’s second blog of the month.
The week started off a bit gloomy as it rained the whole day on Monday. We were lucky though that the weather improved on Tuesday and that set a good tone for the rest of our week. Sunny weather did wonders for us and we were all smiles and had bursts of energy!


This is the letter A!

This week was our last to study the letter A. To wrap up we did an alligator craft on Thursday.We will spend the following two weeks studying B.



We walked to the park behind seven eleven on Tuesday. The weather was fine and we played hard!



Thank you to Ms.Airi for always teaching us fun stuff.



The castanet is the national instrument of Spain .Its unique sound coupled with the piano makes beautiful music and Aurora love it!


The Inquirer Learner profile( LP)

This week the teacher introduced the Inquirer LP.Toddlers are naturally curious and for some this means they automatically ask lots of questions. For others , it’s not easy. Human beings learn through inquring/ asking.I believe that instilling the confidence to ask questions in Aurora students will help them a lot in their indvidual learning journeys. The importance of asking questions cannot be emphasised enough.

今週はラーナープロファイルの”Inquirer” (探究する人)を紹介しました。小さな子は生まれつき好奇心が旺盛でたくさんの質問をするようになる子もいますし、そうでない子もいます。オーロラさんたちは、質問する自信を身につけることで、それぞれの学習の旅に大いに役立つと信じています。質問することの重要性はいくら強調してもしきれません。

We will go to Central fitness center for our swimming lesson on Tuesday the 21st . Please don’t forget to remind your little ones to bring their pool bags with them.


Have a relaxing and restful weekend.


Until next week. Au revoir!

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.