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FAMILY IS THE BIGGEST ALLY! Rainbow 13-17 May (家族は最大の味方!)  




Hello everyone. This week was a very important and wonderful week for Rainbow Class. It was our first School open day, and their mom and dad came to the school. The children were so excited! I was overjoyed and even more excited than usual. At first, some children cried because they missed them, but after snack time they were able to spend time with their moms and dads, so they thoroughly enjoyed singing, dancing, and doing activities. For children, family is the most beloved, reassuring presence and greatest ally. The children were full of happiness and joy as they wholeheartedly enjoyed parent-child activities. And they showed great performance. You really tried hard! We are truly proud of you. Dear parents, thank you very much for coming to visit us this time.


Our discussion about “Animals” continues. By occasionally discussing the names (English and Japanese) and lives of various animals, we feel that the children are developing an understanding and compassion for all animals, including humans. Animals also get hungry and poop. When an animal gets hurt, it hurts and it’s sad…The children remember those stories and say like, “We have to take care of them kindly!” and “If an animal gets hurt (-if a toy animal breaks), MS. Sayuri will take them to the hospital.” We are interested in the way they say things like that. Rainbows! You are so caring!


School life is centered around play, but we also want our children to learn simple but important rules. If they can go to the bathroom, they will get a sticker. And if they can sit nicely on their chair, they can hang the stick with the photo on the wall. Such rewards may also be connected to children’s motivation. I believe that by doing this repeatedly every day, it will naturally become part of the child’s mind. And the children are actually showing great results.


Children’s smiles are our treasure. Please take a glimpse into the daily lives of children who are engaged in what they like and are interested in, have fun with their whole bodies, and show smiles.


Have a nice weekend!