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I like juice (Meadow- September 20-24)

ジュースが好き  Meadowクラス 9月20日から24日より

Hello everyone,


The duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably. We’re enjoying the cool breeze as we have our morning walk outside the campus.


This week, we made our craft about food. Our little ones enjoyed making their own juice. We prepared the cutout fruits, glass-shaped construction paper with a straw, sponge and a white paint to make an ice cube. Our little ones had fun choosing fruits, mentioned their names and stuck them on the glass. To look cold and bubbly, they took the sponge, dipped it on the white paint and pressed it many times on their glass. They look like real ice cubes! Lastly, they stuck on some white round stickers for the bubbles. It’s done! They tried to sip them and said, “ Yummy”.


This week, we started walking outside the campus without a rope. This is very risky and quite dangerous since we have lots of worries that our kids may loss their way and run away from the line. But they followed and listened to the teacher’s instruction so we made it to walk safely and enjoyed holding hands with their pair. After a walk outside the campus, we spent time playing in the yard. Our little ones enjoyed running around, kicking and catching the ball. They also had fun sharing toys with friends while playing in the sandpit.


BIG And Small

As we go through with our lesson about big and small, we have prepared stuff toys and spread them on the floor. First, we say the names of the toys, then the teacher asked, “ Please pick up the Big sheep” then the student picked up the toy and say “Big sheep!” in front of their friends. Good job, Meadow!

On Monday, we’ll be having our bus trip. Keep warm on weekend and we’re looking forward to see all the kids on Monday.

月曜日はバス遠足があります。週末はゆっくりして過ごしてください。 月曜日に子供達みんなに会えるのを楽しみにしています。