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Everyday fun in Meadow- Meadow(April 15th- 19th)

Hello everyone,

We have another fun week here in Meadow class and we can see smiles on kid’s faces. They are getting familiar with the routine we do every day.

This week, we went for a walk close to school. We went with the Rainbow class and enjoyed the cool breeze outside. Everyone held the rope and followed the friends in front of them. We enjoyed spring and saw a lot of different flowers on our way. The children say their colors like red, pink, orange, and purple! It was quite tiring for our little ones but they tried their best walking back to school. You did it, Meadow!


We had our first craft activity and the kids were curious about what it is like. We made Easter eggs with a chick inside. We took the children’s handprints to make the chick’s wings. It was the first time for the kids to paint their hands but most of them loved it, and some were hesitant but later on they were convinced to have their hands painted.


Gym lesson.

This is the second week we had our gym lesson. Kids had an idea of ​​what we were going to do. They had fun stretching and running in every corner of the gym. They were able to release their stress and breathe. Take a look at how energetic they were.


Daily routine

When the children arrive at school, we assist the students in unpacking their stuff and putting them in the designated basket. Kids tried their best and got used to doing their tasks. Before eating we are training the children to make a line and listen to the teachers’ instruction. Kids chose their favorite color stepped on it and waited until everybody got ready to go. They looked so cute while raising their hands and saying “Let’s go!”. Before eating lunch, we remind the kids to be thankful for the food they eat. They imitated the teacher their hands together and saying “Itadakimasu, thank you for the food. Kids enjoy the food being served at lunch and afternoon snacks.

子どもたちは登園すると、リュックから水筒やエプロンを出し、それぞれのカゴに自分で入れます。先生と一緒に一生懸命に自分の仕事をこなし、朝の支度も少しずつ身についてきました。部屋を出る時には、列を作って並んで行く練習もしています。「Make a line」の掛け声でドアの前にあるカラフルな足形に並び、みんなの準備が整うのを待ちます。手を挙げて「Let’s go!!」と声をかける姿がとてもかわいんです!ランチを食べる前には、手を合わせて「いただきます、thank you for the food」と先生の真似をしながら揃って挨拶をし、感謝の気持ちを伝えます。

Our morning circle is getting fun. Kids remembered the songs gradually and were able to sing the songs together. We stuck the different colors on the floor and the children chose their favorite one and sat on it. Kids told us their feelings by picking the flashcard and saying “I’m happy!” ” I’m sad!” and showed us their facial expression.


We had fun color activities this week. We looked around the classroom and the children spied the colors they saw and said what color it was.


Music lesson

Kids got a little familiar with the songs we were singing. Please have a glance at how they enjoy the lesson.


Here are the songs we are singing this month. Please check it out and enjoy singing with the kids at home.


Thank you for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday.