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Ice cold drink in the summer

Hello everyone,

Hello August!

We welcome the new month of learning new sets of phonics. This month we are learning phonics G, H, and I. Our youngsters love singing the phonics song and they do their best singing with their big voice. They enjoyed rolling the dice and tried their best saying the letter that appeared.


August lesson- Vegetable

This month, we are learning about vegetables. We showed the vegetable flashcards and say their names. Then we asked each student to pick up their favorite vegetable saying “I like.. Cucumber!” I like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and more! Then we made a vegetable garden made of cardboard. They enjoyed picking up the vegetables and planting them back and mentioning their names. During lunchtime, we named the vegetables we have on our plates and some friends showed us their big bites eating them.

今月の野菜について学習しています。野菜のフラッシュカードを見せながら、野菜の名前を言います。そして、生徒たちに好きな野菜のカードを選んでもらって「I like… Cucumber!」「 I like carrots」「Tomatoes」「Potatoes」などなど、それぞれの好きな野菜を発表してもらいました!段ボールで作った菜園から、野菜を収穫して植え直し、名前を言って楽しみました。ランチタイムには、お皿に盛られた野菜の名前を言ったり、大きな口で食べて見せてくれたりするお友達もいました💕

Ice cold drinks in the summer

We made our fruit juice craft. Our youngsters enjoyed dipping the sponge in the white paint for ice cubes. Then stuck on their favorite stickers. Have a look at how they enjoy sipping their handmade mix juice.

今週はフルーツジュースのクラフトもしました!白い絵の具のついたスポンジをスタンプして、アイスキューブを作りました。そのあとは好きな果物のシールを貼って飾り付けしました😁 写真は自分で作ったミックスジュースをおいしそうに飲んでいる様子です。

The weather wasn’t perfect enough to get in the water so, we had the chance to play in the yard. As usual, some kids weren’t able to miss looking for some snails and roly-poly around. They enjoyed tracing the lines we have drawn on the ground , and they also spent time course, they playing in the sandpit.


We had a lot of fun this week and hope to see you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend