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Meadow:Daddies you’re our heroes! June 12th~16th

Hello to you all our dear readers! As usual this week was a fun-filled one for us Meadow class .This coming Sunday, the 18th will be father’s day so the highlight of our week was making a craft for our beloved fathers. We poured our hearts and souls into this activity as we knew we were making something for our daddies, our heroes!


Father’s day craft

Our gift to our dads are T shirts imprinted with our lovely faces on the chest area .Fathers are a very important part of the family unit. Like mothers, they are pillars in the development of a child’s emotional well being. It is said that children look to their fathers to lay down the rules and to enforce them. We are all so grateful to our fathers for the sense of security and safety they provide us with. Words can never fully describe how much we appreciate our dads but we hope this gesture helps them understand just how much we do love them.

お父さんへのプレゼントは、胸元にMeadowさんたちの可愛い顔がプリントされたTシャツです。 お父さんは家族の中でとても大切な存在です。母親と同じように、子どもの心を育む柱です。子どもは、父親からルールを教わり、それを実行に移すと言われています。私たちは、父親が与えてくれる安心感や安全性にとても感謝しています。言葉では言い表せないほど、私たちはお父さんに感謝しています。私たちがどれだけお父さんを愛しているか、このジェスチャーがお父さんに伝わることを願っています。

A Sailor went to sea

One of our main songs for this month is “A Sailor went to sea”. Through this song we learn that when the sailor goes to sea he discovers a seahorse, jellyfish, turtle, octopus, shark and whale! We have pictures of these sea animals hanging from the ceiling in our class so whenever we sing the song we dance around and point at the creatures! It helps the students to engrave the sea animal names into their memory.

今月のメインソングのひとつは、「A Sailor went to sea」です。この歌では、船乗りが海に出たときに、タツノオトシゴ、クラゲ、カメ、タコ、サメ、クジラを発見することを学びます!私たちのクラスには、これらの海の生き物の写真を天井から吊るしているので、歌を歌うたびに踊りながら生き物を指さすのです!そうすることで、子どもたちは海の動物の名前を記憶に刻み込むことができるのです。

Water play

This week we were fortunate enough to be able to play with water twice. The weather is still a bit unstable due to it being the rainy season but most days are now quite hot. Meadow had fun filling their toys with water and splashing it around. Watering the plants in the schoolyard with their elephant shaped watering pots and filling their water guns up really made them happy. The cool water gave them some relief from the hot weather.


Balloons, ballons, ballons!

This week’s gym class was very interesting. We got on the bus in our usual jovial moods headed for the gymnasium thinking it was just going to be another normal gym class. Little did we know that we had a huge surprise waiting for us! The gym teacher brought out the big guns this week! She gave us balloons to play with. For most kids balloons are synonymus with paradise!They bring a sense of joy and fun to the atmosphere. Balloons inspire chasing, bouncing and jumping among other things. I can say with absolute confidence that this week’s gym class for Meadow was the best one to date.



This week’s trip to the park was packed with discoveries of various insects. The students found ants, grasshoppers, worms ,roly poly bugs also known as pill bugs and spiders! For the insect lovers it was quite an exciting time but for others who don’t really like insects they were a bit scared and grossed out by them.



Since last week we started learning new songs. This is because the music teacher changes the songs after every 2 months. So far the song about a snail and the song about ants bumping into each other seem to be everyone’s favorites. The former goes like ” den den mushi mushi katatsumuri…” and the latter goes like “anmari isoide kotsunko, ari san to ari san to kontsunko…”


All in all it was a good week for Meadow! We can’t wait to see the kind of fun that awaits us next week.


Have a great weekend!