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A Couch Potato? – Savanna 6/12 – 6/16

A couch potato, we are not! The Savanna class, as usual, has been nothing but active!


We started our week with a rather special experience, an experience that we all will never forget till the day when we become old! We headed to the northern part of our school, where fields of rice and vegetation are situated. Our class was given the chance to contribute to the vast production of vegetables by planting one of our favorite veggies, sweet potatoes! Although the place was a bit muddy, our little savanna students used their leg power and motivation with all their might to give a hand to our dear farmers. We learned how to plant sweet potatoes the right way and some facts about planting. We all can’t wait to go back and taste the fruit of our labor!


During the visit of a dental hygienist to our campus, the Savanna students were all ears to the talk of the speaker, their interest in the subject was palpable; they participated in the discussion and asked lots of questions, and gave away comments about what was being discussed. Some of the things we have learned are the proper ways to brush our teeth, the consequence of not having a good posture, the benefits of drinking water only before and after we eat, and many more. It is indeed a beauty to the eyes of many if our smiles are pretty and healthy!


We have finished practicing writing the “c” series letters. These letters are sometimes also called “Magic C letters” because when you write them, you begin by writing the letter c. These letters are as follows: c, a,d,g,o,q,s. Our savanna students, although they have yet to develop a strong grip and strong hand muscles, are so much into writing. They love holding their pencils and practicing writing.

クラスでは、「c」シリーズの文字を書く練習を終えました。これらの文字は、c, a, d, g, o, q, sのように、書くときにcの文字から始めることから、「マジックC文字」とも呼ばれることがあります。サバンナさん達は、まだ握力や字を書く力が十分にはついていない子もいますが、書くことにはとても夢中です。鉛筆を持ち、書く練習をするのが大好きなのです。

Our P.E. lessons are becoming more fun every week. This week, we have already started practicing how to hold the parachute which we will use in our Sports Festival this year. We started the practice by just having fun, hanging out with the parachute, and getting its feel and vibe. Soon we will do it with the tune of our choice of music in connection with our Sports Festival theme! We all can’t wait!


The weather is gloomy, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Let’s have fun, relax and enjoy the weather like a couch potato! 🙂

梅雨のジメジメした天気が続いていますが、寂しい思いをする必要はありません。梅雨時期ならではの楽しみを見つけ、リラックスしてお天気を楽しみましょう! 🙂

今週はMorning Routineで歌っている歌をご紹介します。

Months of the year syllable song

Days of the week syllable song

Have a nice weekend!