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Meadow:Fruit face masks? September 11th ~ 15th

Meadow welcomes you to our second blog of September. We have been very busy with our rehearsal for Sports Festival. There’s roughly a week left until the big day.As it draws nearer and nearer Meadow students’ excitement gets bigger and bigger.


Jumping up and down in muddy puddles

On Monday we attempted mud play. For some it was a very fun experience(they were jumping up and down in muddy puddles) but for others It was a bit daunting. Some of the Meadow friends were reluctant to get their feet and palms dirtied by the mud. They say that experience is the best teacher. I’m sure everyone had a lesson to take from the mud play.All in all, it was a good experience for everyone. Whenever we have free time in the future we will throw mud play into the mix.


Fruit face masks

Fruit face masks are loved by beauty enthusiasts for the simple reason that they are said to be beneficial to skin wellness. They apparently make one’s skin glow. On Monday during afternoon circle time, the teacher thought it would be fun to pretend that we were wearing fruit face masks. Of course the whole point was to help them memorize the fruit names. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

フルーツ・フェイスマスクが美容愛好家に愛されているのは、肌の健康に役立ち、肌を輝かせてくれるからだそうです!月曜日の午後のサークルタイムで、Meadow さんたちはMs.Amandaお手製のフルーツマスクをつけました!そして同じフルーツのお友達を見つけて楽しみました。楽しみながらフルーツの名前も覚えられました!

Tuesday craft

On Tuesday morning we did a strawberry craft and grandparents’ day craft. Before we started the fruit craft I asked the students what they thought the fruit we were going to make was and someone shouted “watermelon” confidently! It’s amazing how as different individuals with different preferred learning styles we perceive things differently. The craft paper was red with small black oval shapes so it makes sense that the student thought it was a watermelon!

火曜日はいちごを作るクラフトと、敬老の日のクラフトをしました。これから作るフルーツは何だと思う?と尋ねると、誰かが自信たっぷりに「watermelon 」と叫びました、笑!


‘Grandparents’ day’ a.k.a ‘Respect for the aged day’ in Japan is celebrated on the 18th of September. The day is a public holiday so since our Tuesdays are normally reserved for craft activities the teachers decided that we do the craft. While the students did the craft we could hear remarks such as, “I want to show mommy”, “I want to show daddy” etcetera. The teacher explained that we already made crafts for parents on mother’s day and father’s day. In the end everyone understood that this one was specifically for grandpa and grandma. You are very good listeners.Well done Meadow!


Morning lesson

For this month’s phonics lessons we will be focusing on the “G”, “H” and “I” letters. This week the teacher taught us 8 words that begin with the letter g. These are gate, grasshopper, gloves, glue, gift, girl, grass and grapes.
今月のフォニックスレッスンは、”G”、”H”、”I “に焦点を当てます。今週はgで始まる8つの単語を学びました。gate、grasshopper、gloves、glue、gift、girl、grass、grapesです。

It’s been a while,park

On Thursday we went to north shonai park by bus.The children cheered and immediately rushed to the play structures . They swung and slid, caught dragonflies, laughed a lot and had a great time. There was a refreshing breeze and everyone enjoyed playing under the autumn sky!


Sports Festival rehearsal

On September 22nd, 7 days from now, all roads will lead to Nanbu gymnasium for the Sports Festival event. For most Meadow students it will be their very first time participating in an event of this nature. Of course there is a likelihood that those who have brothers and sisters attended Sports events before but this time they won’t be onlookers but contestants!

Ms.Airi helped us practise the race and ball throwing performance. We are excited for our family members to watch us perform!

It would be really unfortunate If some of us are unable to attend the Sports Festival due to sickness so please take good care of yoursleves.

Have a nice weekend! See you next week.