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Meadow: Put a star on it!(December 4th~ 8th)

Hello all!
Welcome to Meadow’s second blog of December.
It’s hard to believe that we are already in the last month of the year. It seems like it was just yesterday when the school year began. December is a special month especially for Christians. They look forward to celebrating the birth of their Saviour on December 25th.




Meadow is looking forward to performing in front of their loved ones at the Christmas show. The big day is now less than a week away!When we started rehearsing there were a few friends who couldn’t stand on their assigned spots and dance for more that a minute but now it seems like everyone has the same spirit; working toward a common goal. It’s no longer rare to hear some of them singing or humming the Christmas carols during free play time. We hope they give a great performance on the 15th!


Clothes and phonics

Our topic for this month is clothes and we have had fun so far learning clothes names. Let’s hope that by the end of the month Meadow students will be able to say, “hey, you forgot to put on your windbreaker!” 😁The clothes names we learnt this week are skirt, pants, cap, jacket, and scarf. For phonics we were taught words that begin with the letter “O.” These are oar, orange,onion and octopus.

今月のトピックは洋服で、これまで楽しく洋服の名前を覚えてきました。今月が終わる頃には、Meadowさんたちが “hey, you forgot to put on your windbreaker!” (ウィンドブレーカーを着忘れているよ!)と言えるようになっていることを期待しましょう。今週学んだ洋服の名前は、スカート、パンツ、帽子、ジャケット、スカーフです。フォニックスでは、”O “で始まる単語を学びました。oar, orange, onion, octopusなどです。

A tree?

On Wednesday during afternoon circle time we enjoyed doing a christmas tree craft. Before we began I showed the students a sample and asked them what they thought it was. Someone said,” a tree???” ✅Yes a Christmas tree! They had to stick the leaves onto the bark and then decorate the tree with ornaments. To complete their trees, they put a star on the tree top!

水曜日の午後のサークルタイムでは、クリスマスツリーの工作を楽しみました。始める前に見本を見せて、何だと思うか聞いてみたところ、 “ツリー?”と言うお友達がいました。そう、クリスマスツリーです!Meadowさんたちは葉を樹に貼り付け、オーナメントでツリーを飾りました。ツリーのてっぺんに星をつけたらツリーの完成です!

Outside play and gym lesson

Fresh air does the students a lot of good so as much as the cold temperatures are beginning to be a pain, we always keep in mind that fresh air does everyone a lot of good. Fresh air raises the levels of oxygen in the brain which in turn does wonders for our feel-good hormones. It also strengthens our lungs. Yay to building strong lungs! During gym lesson this week, Ms.Airi taught everyone how to roll around like burdocks! Everyone enjoyed this.


Flu season is now in full gear. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly and to disinfect them whenever you get the chance.We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas show next Friday. Until next week, it’s goodbye from us. Have a nice weekend!