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Meadow: Red stops, yellow slows and green goes. (January 15th~19th)

Hello all!
Learning about different modes of transport has proved to be so much fun thus far! Focusing our attention on learning and remembering transportation names was this week’s main task! However, the teacher deemed it important that the students understand how traffic works, particularly the traffic we encounter in our daily lives.


Traffic lights!

On Tuesday during afternoon circle time we enjoyed a ‘traffic lights’ craft activity! Without traffic lights to control and regulate the flow of vehicles the roads out there would be really dangerous! I asked the students what they thought each color meant. “Green means… GO, Orange/Yellow means…GET READY TO STOP and Red means…STOP!!” Everyone did a great job!

火曜日の午後のサークルタイムでは、「信号機」の工作を楽しみました!車の流れを制御する信号機がなければ、道路は本当に危険なものになってしまいますね!それぞれの色の意味をMeadowさんたちに聞いてみました。「緑は… GO,黄色は…GET READY TO STOP、赤は…STOP!」。みんなとてもよく理解できていました!

Making comas from paper cups

Before we headed outdoors for a stroll around school, we made our own little comas from paper cups. Some of the comas didn’t come out well and wouldn’t spin as well as we had hoped so we decided to pretend that they were airplanes. We had so much fun throwing them into the air and playing a modified version of throw and catch.😁😁


Move like a dinosaur!

At this week’s gym lesson Ms.Airi taught us how to move like dinosaurs. We enjoyed making huge stomps and huge claws coupled with scary growling sounds.


Park on Thursday

Temperatures were slightly warmer on Thursday so we went to Shonai park on Thursday to soak in some sun and enjoy the fresh air. As usual, the students enjoyed running around the park and sliding down the slides. There’s a tree that’s close to the play structure and some friends enjoyed an ‘acorn hunt’ game of sorts there.



The new songs we began singing recently are full of humor, the message in them make the students laugh and smile. There’s one about a sheep that ate a letter it received from a fellow sheep friend and ate it up before reading it. mmmmmm “why did the sheep eat the letter????????”


Below are links of the songs we sang and danced to this week.

Have a lovely weekend!