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Meadow: Put a smile on your face!(March 11th~15th)

Hello everyone!
This week was our last week to have gym and music lessons. The next time we meet Ms.Airi and Ms.Nishimura will be in April after we join our new classes, Rainbow and Aurora. Our week was generally laid back with not much alterations to our daily routine.


Park and practising walking without rings

We went to the park on Monday and Friday. As part of preparation for those who will be moving a step up to Aurora, we started walking while holding hands with our classmates, without rings. We will be doing this until the end of March.


Phonics and the letter Z

Zoo, zucchini, zester, zero, zipper and zebra are the words we learnt this week.


Rainy day craft

Tuesday was a very wet day so we were confined indoors. We enjoyed doing a spring craft. We made very colorful flowers. The first step was to stick petals onto the stem and then use a cotton bud dipped in paint to make dots around the pistil. There were many artists in the making in the classroom that day!



As part of focusing our activities on our OPPOSITES topic, we did a craft on Wednesday afternoon. “What’s the opposite of sad?” “It’s happy!” Life has its ups and downs but let’s all learn to always put a smile on our faces and not let our troubles get us down.

OPPOSITESのトピックに焦点を当てたアクティビティの一環として、水曜日の午後にクラフトをしました。「悲しいの反対は何?」「それは幸せ!」。 人生には浮き沈みがつきものですが、トラブルに負けず、いつも笑顔でいることを学びましょう。


The last gym lesson of the 2023-2024 school year was fun!



We will miss singing “ouma wa minna ,papaka hashiru…” It was our favorite to sing these past two months.

Enjoy your weekend. Until we meet again next week, take care!

Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.

“お馬はみんな、ぱっぱか走る♪… “を歌えなくなるのは寂しいですね。この2ヶ月間、Meadowさんたちはこの歌を歌うのが大好きでした。