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Setting Goals for 2023!- Milky Way 01/04 – 01/06

Waves of laughter, giggles, and lots of stories filled our classroom as we welcome the year 2023!



We are back in the classroom, and we sure missed each other! To compensate for the time we were apart, we took time to share our experiences during the morning routine: some of our students proudly shared their experiences in the places they went to like hotels, amusement parks, and more. It was a good opportunity for everyone to have a glimpse of each other’s way of spending the holiday!


There is no better time to set goals than the first day of the class, and that’s what we did this week: Setting goals for 2023! We all talked about what we wanted to do and achieve this year, and as we go with our sharing, we mentioned a very beautiful Japanese word “頑張る”, which means not giving up, a very special trait that we must have to achieve our goals! Everybody proudly shared their goals and we all hope and wished that we all get them at the end of the year!


Also, the whole class had fun playing with a traditional toy played in Japan, especially in New Year’s season, Kendama! We personalized them by painting them with our own choice of color paint and decorated the by drawing. It was a wonderful experience and a good New Year bonding for the class.


It is fun to be back and We all look forward to making more unforgettable and precious memories together!


We wish everybody a successful and flourishing 2023!