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Time flies when you’re having fun! Milky Way 1/8-12

Happy New Year!!! Hope you had a wonderful time spending holidays with your family!


It’s January! We couldn’t believe that we only have three months left for this school year. Everytime we look at their pictures from last year, we can see how much they have grown and how much they enjoyed this journey. They have lots of fun memories together. Time really flies when you’re having fun. We still have time to make new memories. We will make the most out of it!


We have been waiting for the snow to come and we were so lucky to find even just a little amount of snow at the park. We made some snowballs and snowmen. We also enjoyed putting ice on the branches of trees as fruits. They missed their friends, so they played nonstop at the playground during our free play.


We had special guests from Matsumoto City hall to talk about recycling garbage and food waste. They learned a lot from them and it’s very helpful because the topic is related to our UOI lessons in Unit 4. Now they have an idea about one of the 3 R’s which is Recycle. They also loved the Recycle dance learned from the guest speakers. 


We had a writing lesson on Thursday. First, we reviewed what are the small, tall, and fall letters and how to write them properly on the lines. We also remembered the rules when writing a sentence such as: 1. Start with an uppercase letter. 2. Use spaces between words. 3. Use punctuation marks at the end of the sentence. For their writing practice, they chose a picture and had to write two sentences about it. They did a great job in creating their own sentences and did their best to write the correct spelling of the words.

木曜日にはライティングレッスンをしました。まず、small letter(a,r,e,,,)、tall letter(l,b,h,,,)、fall letter(g,p,y,,,)の書き方を復習しました。また、文章を書くときのルールも思い出しました。 1. 大文字で始める。2. 単語と単語の間にはスペースを入れる。3. 文の終わりにピリオドを打つ。

そして金曜日には、実際にごみ箱の中に捨てられているものを見てみました。紙や空き箱、お菓子の袋、バナナの皮などもありました!まずは、本当に捨ててよいものか、それともリサイクルできるものなのかを一人ひとつずつ選んで分けていきました。「This is recyclable. Because it’s made of paper.(これは紙でできているからリサイクルできる。)」と、そう思った理由も発表していきました。仕分けていくにつれ、これはどっち?と思うような、クッキーが入っていたケースや、サランラップなどが出てきました。するとクッキーのケースにわずかに残っていたプラマークを発見!飴の個包装の袋にも発見!目をまん丸くして驚く子もいました😲この活動の後から、色々な物を手にとっては「I found a PLA mark!」と発見していくミルキーさん達でした😊

We have new songs for this month. Please feel free to click the links below and enjoy singing with your children. Have a good weekend!


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